Japanese designer Misawa Haruka, one of the creators whose work was featured in the SUBTLE: Delicate or Infinitesimal exhibition at Japan House London in 2018, talks about the inspiration and design process behind her beautiful and delicate piece ‘Paper Flower’.

Misawa Haruka was born in Gunma, Japan, in 1982 and graduated from Musashino Art University's Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design in 2005. After working at the design office nendo, she joined the Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center in 2009. In July 2014, she founded the Misawa Design Institute, and is involved in design in many fields including graphics, products and space planning. Her major works include the VI and entrance sign for Kitte Marunouchi, the 'Paper Flower' and 'Paper Vehicles of Flight' exhibits at the 2014 Takeo Paper Show SUBTLE, and promotional materials for the 'UENO PLANET' program at Ueno Zoo.