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The thoughtful process behind the design and creation of Japanese products - from knives crafted in Sakai through to the metalwork of workshops in Tsubame-Sanjo - are explored through stories, exhibitions and videos with Japanese industry experts.

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Bizen ware Okayama2

Quick Read | Bizen yaki - rustic earthenware from Okayama Prefecture

Hida Shunkei laquerware2

Quick Read | Shunkei lacquerware - rooted in Hida Takayama’s woodwork tradition

A wooded valley shrouded in mist

Story | The Hida region: carpentry workshop of Japan

DISPLAY Edo Kiriko Cut Glass from Sumida2

Quick Read | Edo Kiriko - intricately cut glass dating back to the Edo period

brushes from sumida hake and burashi2

Quick Read | Hake and burashi - Japanese brushes for every occasion

Collage Kibiso 3 1000x544

Quick Read | Kibiso - reviving Yamagata’s silk production through creative new uses

Sudo Reiko Square tile

Story | Sudō Reiko - Contemporary Japanese Textile Designer

The Carpenters Line Virtual Exhibition 1

Virtual Exhibition | The Carpenters' Line: Virtual Exhibition

The Lost Textile of Ryukyu screening event 2022

Quick Read | The Lost Textile of Ryūkyū: uncovering the mystery of ton-byan

Kintsugi Square tile

Story | Kintsugi - Japanese Repair Technique

Kokeshi Square tile

Story | Kokeshi - Japanese Wooden Dolls

Japanese Woodworking Techniques Mageki Wood bending square

Video Story | Japanese Woodworking Techniques: Mageki (Wood-bending)

The Carpenters Line video1

Video Story | Japanese Woodworking Techniques: The Carpenters' Line

Japanese Woodworking Techniques Joinery 1

Video Story | Japanese Woodworking Techniques: Joinery

Hybrid Trains in Hida Regional Rail Innovation in Japan2

Recorded Event | Hybrid Trains in Hida: Regional Rail Innovation in Japan

The Making of The Carpenters Line Talk Panel Discussion2

Recorded Event | The Making of ‘The Carpenters’ Line:’ Talk & Panel Discussion

Aizome Indigo Dyeing Workshop Visit Conversation with Higeta Tadashi2

Recorded Event | Aizome Indigo Dyeing - Workshop Visit & Conversation with Higeta Tadashi

Aizome Indigo Dyeing Workshop Visit Conversation with Higeta Tadashi2

Quick Read | Aizome Indigo Dyeing from Mashiko

Hida Shunkei Lacquerware

Video Story | Japanese Woodworking Techniques: Hida Shunkei Lacquerware

Biology of Metal Exhibition Legacy Square tile

Video Story | Biology of Metal: Exhibition Legacy

Meriyasu Square tile

Story | Meriyasu: The Rise of Machine-Knitted Fabric

Oigen Square tile

Story | Japanese Ironware Craft by OIGEN

Paper Square tile

Story | Japanese Paper - Washi

Populomobile Square tile

Story | Populomobile - Japanese Bicycles

Metalworkers Square tile

Story | Metalworking in Tsubame-Sanjo

Gyokusendo Square tile

Story | GYOKUSENDŌ - Tea and Vase Copperware

Mokushikko Tokeshi Square tile

Story | Mokushikko TOKESHI - Japanese Dishware

Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten Square tile

Story | Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten

Shotoku Glass Square tile

Story | Shotoku Glass

Japanese blade craftsmanship in Tsubame Sanjo Square tile

Quick Read | Japanese blade craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo

Biology of Metal Metal Craftsmanship in Tsubame Sanjo Square tile

Quick Read | Biology of Metal: Metal Craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo

Making Nuno Square tile

Interview | Making Nuno – textile, curation and design

Online Event Sakai Forged Knives Workshop Visit Conversation Square tile

Recorded Event | Sakai Forged Knives: Workshop Visit & Conversation

Online event Gyokusendo Workshop Visit and Conversation Square tile

Recorded Event | Gyokusendō: Workshop Visit & Conversation

Mizuochi Ryoichi Square tile2

Video Story | Mizuochi Ryoichi - Metal Craftsman

Gyokusendo Metal Craft Square tile

Video Story | Gyokusendō - Japanese Copperware

Kobayashi Yasuo Square tile

Interview | Kobayashi Yasuo - Washi Artist

Tango Chirimen Square tile

Story | Tango Chirimen - Plain-Woven Silk Crêpe

Akabeko Square tile

Story | Akabeko Cow - Japanese Folk Toy

Takahashi Hiroko Square tile

Story | Takahashi Hiroko

Lacquerware Square tile

Story | Japanese Lacquerware

MoonStar Square tile

Story | MoonStar - Japanese Shoes

Yoshioka Dyeing Square tile

Story | Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop

Hida Sangyo Square tile

Story | Hida Sangyo - Japanese Wooden Furniture

SIWA Square tile

Story | SIWA - Japanese Paper Maker and Designer

The Art of Kintsugi Square tile

Recorded Event | The Art of Kintsugi

The Making of Japan House London Square tile

Video Story | The Making of Japan House London

Tamamushi nuri lacquer craft revitalizing Sendai Square tile

Quick Read | Tamamushi-Nuri – Lacquer Craft Revitalizing Sendai

Mashiko a town famous for pottery Square tile

Quick Read | Mashiko – a town famous for pottery

Natural washi dyeing demonstration by Yoshioka Sarasa Square tile

Quick Read | Natural Washi Dyeing with Yoshioka Sarasa

Face coverings by HIROCOLEDGE Square tile

Quick Read | Face coverings by HIROCOLEDGE

SPREAD creative team behind the Tsubame Sanjo Factory Festivals design Square tile

Quick Read | SPREAD: creative team behind the Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival's design

Mizuochi Ryoichi Square tile

Words & Thoughts | Mizuochi Ryoichi

Online Event Sharpening Japanese Knives Masterclass with Sakai Citys Yamatsuka Mitsuo Square tile

Recorded Event | Sharpening Japanese Knives: Masterclass with Sakai City’s Yamatsuka Mitsuo