Since opening in 2018, Japan House London has held more than 621 events in close collaboration with a variety of partners in Japan and around the world.

The following list details events (including event series) which have taken place from 16 June 2017 up until 31 May 2022. 

Event title
Event type
16 June 2017 Japan House London at 'Architecture on Stage: Kazuyo Sejima' at the Barbican Talk
14 July 2017 Japan House London at British Museum Late – Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave Various
2 August 2017 Japan House London at Tanabata Star Festival at Kew Gardens Various
24 September 2017 Japan House London at Japan Matsuri Various
12 June 2018 Talk by Sou Fujimoto at the Design Museum Talk
22 June 2018 Azuma Makoto: Flower Messenger Performance
14 July 2018 The Art of BONSAI Demonstration
31 July 2018 SECRETS OF THE SHAKUHACHI Performance & Talk
6 September 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on GYOKUSENDŌ Gallery Tour
6 September 2018 Demonstration: Knife Sharpening and Engraving with TADAFUSA and HINOURA HAMONO Demonstration
6 September 2018 Demonstration: Tsuiki copper-hammering with GYOKUSENDŌ Demonstration
7 September 2018 Shop Talk: Spotlight on GYOKUSENDŌ Talk
7 September 2018 Gallery Talk: SPREAD Gallery Tour
7 September 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on method Inc. Gallery Tour
9 September 2018 Workshop: Making Tsuiki Copperware with GYOKUSENDŌ Workshop
11 September 2018 Talk: Spotlight on SPREAD Talk
12 September 2018 Workshop: Carving Metal Chopstick Rests with OIWA CHOKIN Workshop
14 September 2018 Talk: Landscape Gardening and Tea Talk
14 September 2018 Workshop: Making Kadomatsu with HONAI Workshop
15 September 2018 Workshop: Making Chopsticks with MARUNAO Workshop
21 September 2018 Demonstration: Sharpening Japanese Razors with SANJO SEISAKUSHO Demonstration
21 September 2018 LATE NIGHT OPENING: Talk on Japanese Blades Talk
28 September 2018 Beyond Words' Talk by Japanese Playwright Kojo Toshinobu Talk
11 October 2018 Translating Murakami Talk
12 October 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Chisels with NOMIKAJI TASAI Gallery Tour
12 October 2018 Designing Murakami: Making Murakami Cover Art with VINTAGE Workshop
13 October 2018 One Continuous Motion: Contemporary Calligraphy Performance and Talk by NAKAJIMA Hiroyuki Performance & Talk
18 October 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Metal Tableware with OHIZUMI BUSSAN Gallery Tour
18 October 2018 Demonstration: Making Kiseru Tobacco Pipes with KISERU-YA NOBORU Demonstration
25 October 2018 Workshop: Making and Polishing Spoons with TAKEDA KANAGATA and YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Workshop
27 October 2018 Demonstration: Knife Sharpening with TADAFUSA Demonstration
27 October 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Knives with TADAFUSA Gallery Tour
12 November 2018 Design Talk by Hara Kenya: SUBTLE - Delicate or Infinitesimal Talk
14 November 2018 Making airvases with TAKEO Workshop
20 November 2018 LATE NIGHT OPENING: Architecture Talk by Ishigami Junya Talk
25 November 2018 The Geometrist - Making Paper Polyhedra with Tomoko Azumi Workshop
5 December 2018 Koto Performance by Enokido Fuyuki Performance
6 December 2018 LATE NIGHT OPENING: Design Talk with Tomoko Azumi Talk
13 December 2018 Making SANGE with Misawa Haruka Workshop
14 December 2018 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on PAPER FLOWER by Misawa Haruka Gallery Tour
16 January 2019 Prototyping in Tokyo: Design Talk by Professor Yamanaka Shunji Talk
19 January 2019 Spotlight on Prototyping in Tokyo Gallery Tour
6 February 2019 Bicycle Design for Urban Mobility: Talk with populomobile founder Yamada Atsuhiko Talk
21 February 2019 Sake Week at Japan House Talk & Tastings
23 February 2019 Sake Tasting Masterclass Workshop
27 February 2019 The Japanese Toilet and Omotenashi: Talk by TOTO Talk
3 March 2019 The Art of Amezaiku: Japanese Sugar Sculpting Demonstration & Talk by Tezuka Shinri Demonstration & Talk
8 March 2019 Japan and the Future of the Liberal International Order Talk
14 March 2019 Robotic Futures: Design Perspectives at the Royal College of Art Talk
15 March 2019 Yamanaka Shunji x Ross Lovegrove: Design Engineer meets Sculptor of Technology Talk
16 March 2019 Conversation with Professor Yamanaka Shunji: Design Futures Talk
5 April 2019 Living with Colours: Talk by 5th-generation Master Dyer Yoshioka Sachio Talk
6 April 2019 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on ‘Living Colours’ with Dyeing Weaver Yoshioka Sarasa Gallery Tour
7 April 2019 Dyeing Washi: Demonstration by Yoshioka Sarasa Demonstration
11 April 2019 Japanese Natural Dyes and Natural Remedies: Talk and Demonstration by Sugimoto Kakuro and Tetsuo Talk & Demonstration
25 April 2019 Curator Gallery Talk: Spotlight on ‘Living Colours’ Gallery Tour
29 April 2019 Colours, Clothing and the Seasons in The Tale of Genji: A Talk by Dr Jennifer Guest Talk
1 May 2019 The Accession of His Majesty The Emperor Naruhito Screening
2 May 2019 Film Screening: Murasaki - A Man Fascinated by Colour Screening
9 May 2019 Curator Gallery Tour: Spotlight on ‘Living Colours’ Gallery Tour
10 May 2019 Crafting Shared Understanding: Japanese-to-English Translation Guidelines for Craft Symposium
20 May 2019 It’s a Girls' World: Talk on Shōjo Manga with Artist Hagio Moto and Editor Furukawa Asako Talk
22 May 2019 ‘My Brother’s Husband’: Manga Artist Tagame Gengoroh in Conversation with Book Curator Haba Yoshitaka Talk
23 May 2019 Book Curation: Talk by Haba Yoshitaka Talk
3 June 2019 Urasawa Naoki Live Drawing Performance Performance
3 June 2019 Kimura Shunsuke x Kit Downes Performance
5 June 2019 WIRED in Conversation with Urasawa Naoki Talk
6 June 2019 Urasawa Naoki Masterclass Workshop Workshop
6 June 2019 Tsugaru-Shamisen Performance by Ohno Keisho Performance
7 June 2019 All Talking All Singing All Drawing! Urasawa Naoki Live in Concert Performance
7 June 2019 Urasawa Naoki Book Signing Book Signing
13 June 2019 Editing Manga: Nakaguma Ichiro in Conversation with Nicole Rousmaniere Talk
19 June 2019 Urasawa Naoki - Artist as Explorer: A talk by Helen McCarthy Talk
21 June 2019 Japan House Sake Bar at British Museum Screening of 'My Neighbour Totoro' Various
25 June 2019 Our Road to Recovery: Revitalizing Sendai Through Lacquerware Talk
26 June 2019 Our Road to Recovery: A Café Building Communities in Rikuzentakata Talk
29 June 2019 Classical Arts x Digital Technologies Symposium
1 July 2019 Our Road to Recovery: The Rugby World Cup – A Driving Force for Recovery in Kamaishi Talk
2 July 2019 Our Road to Recovery: An Anime Studio in Fukushima Talk
5 July 2019 Japan House sake bar at British Museum Late - Manga: colour and style Various
6 July 2019 BASARA: A Talk by Kansai Yamamoto Talk
18 July 2019 Manga Innovations: Talk by Paul Gravett Talk
25 July 2019 Japanese Museums: Sophie Richard & Kodai Yuichi Talk
27 July 2019 What is Manga? Drawing Workshop by Kutsuwada Chie Workshop
30 July 2019 Film Screening: The Manga Master Screening
31 July 2019 Draw Your Own Manga Page: Workshop by Elena VITAGLIANO Workshop
2 August 2019 Japan House Sake Bar at Screening of The Tale of The Princess Kaguya Various
9 August 2019 Japan House Sake Bar at the British Museum Screening of The Wind Rises Various
22 August 2019 Documentary: The World of Anno Mitsumasa Screening
25 August 2019 Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Anno’s Journey Gallery Tour
27 August 2019 Scenes In and Around the Capital: Talk by Prof Timon Screech Talk
29 August 2019 WOW: Japan’s New Media Design Studio Talk
30 August 2019 Rakugo Performance: The Art of Japanese Comic Storytelling Performance
31 August 2019 Rakugo Workshop: Learn the Art of Japanese Comic Storytelling Workshop
20 September 2019 A 1/100 Scale World: Talk by Architect Terada Naoki Talk
21 September 2019 Teikuhiko - A Talk by Hara Kenya at Design Museum Talk
22 September 2019 Illustrated Concert by Tsubasa Children's Choir Part One Performance
22 September 2019 Gallery Talk Series: Spotlight on Anno’s Journey Gallery Tour
27 September 2019 From Impossible Pictures to Real Objects: Talk by Professor Sugihara Kokichi Talk
28 September 2019 From Impossible Pictures to Real Objects: Workshop with Professor Sugihara Kokichi Workshop
4 October 2019 Kagura and Shinto: Performance & Talk by Kasuga Taisha and Niukawakami Shrine Performance & Talk
5 October 2019 Shōmyō: Japanese Buddhist Sutra Chanting and Talk by Tōdai-ji Performance & Talk
5 October 2019 A-I-U-E-O: Japanese Language Workshop with Anno Mitsumasa Workshop
5 October 2019 Reconstructing Buddhist Wooden Sculpture: Talk with Professor Yabuuchi Satoshi Talk
5 October 2019 Buddhism and the Way of Tea: Talk by Tōshōdai-ji & Tea Ceremony Demonstration Talk & Demonstration
6 October 2019 Illustrated Concert by Tsubasa Children's Choir Part Two Performance
10 October 2019 Children’s Picture Books in Early Modern Japan: Talk by Dr Laura Moretti Talk
12 October 2019 Kamishibai Storytelling: Performance by A Thousand Cranes Performance
13 October 2019 Robot Interactions: Experience Osaka with Orihime Interactive Display
17 October 2019 Robot Interactions: OriHime Interactive Display
18 October 2019 Geiko and Maiko Guest Appearances at Japan House Perfomance & Talk
21 October 2019 Oral Histories: Wasurena-gusa Project Film Screening Screening
24 October 2019 Gagaku: Concert-Lecture by Tenri University Gagaku Music Society Performance
25 October 2019 The Enthronement of His Majesty The Emperor Naruhito Screening
25 October 2019 Nara Ittobori: Wood-carving demonstration by Araki Yoshindo Demonstration
26 October 2019 An Introduction to Gagaku: Workshop with Tenri University Gagaku Music Society Workshop
2 November 2019 Live Screenings: Rugby World Cup 2019 Screening
7 November 2019 Japanese in Britain – Wasurena-gusa Oral Histories Talk
11 November 2019 Panel Discussion: Japan-UK Growth Opportunities Talk
15 November 2019 Pioneering Japanese Photography: Fukase Masahisa Talk
22 November 2019 Shosha: Shinto Calligraphy Workshop with Kasuga Taisha and Niukawakami Shrine Workshop
22 November 2019 Immersive Design: A Talk by WOW Talk
23 November 2019 Shakyō: Buddhist Calligraphy Workshop with Yakushi-ji Workshop
10 December 2019 Rethinking Lacquerware: Urushi Master Murase Jihei Talk
16 December 2019 Neutrino Physics & the Future: Talk by Nobel Laureate Prof Kajita Takaaki Talk
14 January 2020 Workshop: Making Kairo Pocket Warmers with Aomori Hiba Wood Workshop
16 January 2020 Tonkori: Performance by Oki with Marewrew Performance
17 January 2020 Upopo: Performance by Marewrew with Oki Performance
18 January 2020 How to Play Mukkur: Workshop with Marewrew and Oki Workshop
23 January 2020 Upopoy – A New National Centre for Ainu History & Culture: Talk by Tone Toshiya Talk
30 January 2020 The Art of Noh Masks: Talk & Demonstration by Mask-Maker Kitazawa Hideta Talk & Demonstration
31 January 2020 The Beauty & Power of Ainu Patterns: Talk by Igarashi Satomi Talk
1 February 2020 Ainu Patterns: Embroidery Workshop Workshop
7 February 2020 Shimizu Mieko: Concert with Special Guest Kitamura Keiko Performance
14 February 2020 An Evening of Ainu Song: Performance by Toyokawa Yoko Performance
25 February 2020 Society 5.0 - A new model for an ageing society? A Talk by Professor Harayama Yuko Talk
26 February 2020 Shōchū & Awamori: Drinks Tasting Tasting
27 February 2020 Shōchū & Awamori: Spirits of Japan Talk & Tasting
5 March 2020 Chīori: Talk by Alex Kerr Talk
11 March 2020 B-boy Sculpture: Talk by Obata Taku Talk
12 March 2020 National Geographic Traveller: Travel Geeks at Japan House London Talk
13 March 2020 Yukata & Chūsen Dyeing: Talk by Prof. Okubo Naoko & Demonstration by Rumix Design Studio Talk & Demonstration
13 March 2020 Reinterpreting Yukata Design: Talk & Dyeing Demonstration by Rumix Design Studio Talk & Demonstration
14 March 2020 Capturing Movement: Live Drawing by Obata Taku Demonstration
1 May 2020 Drawing Your Manga Character: Online Demonstration with Kutsuwada Chie Online Event
5 May 2020 Exploring Manga: Online Demonstration with Elena Vitagliano Online Event
7 May 2020 Online Gallery Talk: Spotlight on Anno’s Journey Online Event
15 May 2020 Drawing Kimono: Online Session with Kutsuwada Chie Online Event
19 May 2020 Food in Manga: Online Session with Elena Vitagliano Online Event
21 May 2020 The Art of Kintsugi: Online Talk & Demonstration Online Event
29 May 2020 Manga Faces and Expressions: Draw-Along with Kutsuwada Chie Online Event
2 June 2020 Inking a Character: Draw-Along with Elena Vitagliano Online Event
12 June 2020 Faces in Profile: Drawing Session with Kutsuwada Chie Online Event
16 June 2020 How to Draw a Chibi Character: Drawing Session with Elena Vitagliano Online Event
23 June 2020 Made in Japan - National Geographic Traveller x Japan House London Online Event
25 June 2020 Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk In Conversation with the V&A’s Anna Jackson Online Event
9 July 2020 Follow Anno’s Journeys: Online Gallery Tour Online Event
15 July 2020 Masterclass: Develop a Manga Storyboard with Kubo Kiriko Online Event
20 July 2020 The UK-Japan Relationship: Security and Political Cooperation Online Event
27 July 2020 Make a HIROCOLEDGE Face Covering: Online Demonstration with Takahashi Hiroko Online Event
29 July 2020 Masterclass: Inking Manga Patterns with Kubo Kiriko Online Event
10 August 2020 Maki-e & Kintsugi: Studio Visit & Conversation Online Event
12 August 2020 Masterclass: Applying Manga Screentones with Kubo Kiriko Online Event
4 September 2020 Meet the Artist: Takahashi Hiroko at Japan House London Talk
26 September 2020 Architecture for Dogs at Japan Matsuri Presents Online Event
1 October 2020 Curator Talk by Hara Kenya: Architecture for Dogs Online Event
6 October 2020 Gyokusendō: Workshop Visit & Conversation Online Event
8 October 2020 Takahashi Hiroko: Studio Visit & Conversation Online Event
15 October 2020 The Making of ‘Ainu: Indigenous People of Japan’ – Panel discussion Online Event
24 October 2020 Japanese Dog Breeds – Live Showcase Talk & Demonstration
29 October 2020 Dig Dogs — The Archaeology of Dogs in Japan: Talk by Prof Simon Kaner Online Event
2 November 2020 Architecture for Dogs Roadshow at the Architectural Association Interactive Display
6 November 2020 Conversations on Architecture: Asif Khan x Hara Kenya Online Event
18 November 2020 JAXA Series: Part 1 – Searching for the Origins of the Universe Online Event
25 November 2020 ‘Visas for Life’: The Story of Sugihara Chiune Online Event
1 December 2020 Mashiko – A Celebration of Hamada Shōji and Bernard Leach Online Event
16 December 2020 Responding to COVID-19: Prospects for UK-Japan Cooperation Online Event
20 January 2021 Exploring Nihonshu: Sake Brewery Visit and Introduction Online Event
27 January 2021 Discover Shōchū: Distillery Visit and Introduction Online Event
29 January 2021 Conversations on Architecture: Atelier Bow-Wow x MVRDV Online Event
3 February 2021 Japanese Drinks at Home: Sake Pairings and Shōchū Cocktails Online Event
5 February 2021 UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: The View from Both Sides Online Event
18 February 2021 JAXA Series: Part 2 – Space Transportation & Earth Observation Satellites Online Event
23 February 2021 Mashiko – The New Generation of Ceramic Artists Online Event
26 February 2021 Why Sell Sake in the UK? Discover Trade Secrets from Experts Online Event
5 March 2021 National Security Challenges: Japan & Europe Online Event
25 March 2021 Tōhoku Craftsmanship – Kokeshi Workshop Visit Online Event
31 March 2021 Net-Zero by 2050: UK & Japan Efforts to Address Climate Change Online Event
8 April 2021 MAKING NUNO at Japan House: Online Panel Discussion Online Event
21 April 2021 The ISS & JAXA Space Exploration with Astronaut Yui Kimiya Online Event
27 April 2021 Textile Innovation from Sudō Reiko: Talk & Conversation Online Event
4 May 2021 Making Gogatsu Ningyō: Doll Making Demonstration & Talk Online Event
14 May 2021 Tango Chirimen: Factory Visit & Conversation Online Event
17 May 2021 Behind the Scenes of NUNO Textiles - Short Films Screening
20 May 2021 KYOTO Design Lab Series: Exploring Tango Chirimen – Structure Online Event
26 May 2021 KYOTO Design Lab Series II: Exploring Tango Chirimen – Surface Online Event
4 June 2021 Kibiso - Textile Sustainability in Yamagata: Workshop Visit & Conversation Online Event
10 June 2021 KYOTO Design Lab Series III: Exploring Tango Chirimen – Scenario Online Event
11 June 2021 Architecture for Dogs Roadshow at the Architectural Association Interactive Display
22 June 2021 The World of Saitō Seiichi – Creative Action for the Future Online Event
24 June 2021 Gallery Tour Series: MAKING NUNO Gallery Tour
7 July 2021 Transnational Curatorial Practices – A Talk by Takahashi Mizuki Online Event
10 July 2021 The Lost Textile of Ryukyu Screening
10 July 2021 Tango Chirimen: The Finest Texture in Silk Crepe Screening
13 July 2021 AI Research in Japan: Challenges at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project Online Event
21 July 2021 ‘The Witches of the Orient’: An Online Discussion with Film Director Julien Faraut Online Event
23 July 2021 The Making of 'The Lost Textile of Ryukyu': Director Tsuchie Makiko x Textile Designer Sudō Reiko Online Event
27 July 2021 Japan & Liberty: In Conversation with Liberty Archivist Anna Buruma Online Event
29 July 2021 Japan & Liberty: Studio Visit & Conversation with Textile Designer Himuro Yuri Online Event
5 August 2021 Tokyo 1964: Short Film Screenings Screening
5 August 2021 Gallery Tour Series – Tokyo 1964: Designing Tomorrow Gallery Tour
7 August 2021 Architecture for Dogs Roadshow at the Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Interactive Display
19 August 2021 Kintsugi – Workshop Visit and Conversation with ZEN’s Watanabe Atsuko Online Event
21 August 2021 SCREENING: ‘The Witches of the Orient’ Introduced by Helen Macnaughtan Screening
28 August 2021 The Great Race! – Kamishibai Storytelling by A Thousand Cranes Performance
2 September 2021 SCREENING: Tokyo Olympiad by Ichikawa Kon Screening
9 September 2021 The History of Sakai: in Conversation with Simon Kaner and Sakai City Museum Online Event
18 September 2021 Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] – Orizuru Origami Workshop Workshop
22 September 2021 SCREENING: Tokyo Paralympics – Festival of Love and Glory Screening
25 September 2021 Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] Nuri-e Colouring-in Workshop Workshop
30 September 2021 Shinkansen and the Legacy of Tokyo 1964 Talk
5 October 2021 Reframing Raden: Conversation & Studio Visit with SIRI SIRI and Matsuda Shōkan Online Event
7 October 2021 Sakai Forged Knives: Workshop Visit & Conversation Online Event
17 October 2021 SCREENING: Tōkaidō Shinkansen Screening
19 October 2021 SCREENING: Construction Record of the 1964 Yoyogi Gymnasium Screening
28 October 2021 Architectural Treasures of Nishi Hongan-ji: Online Talk and Visit to the Karamon Gate Online Event
1 November 2021 NEWSROOM TOKYO at Japan House London Screening
2 November 2021 Witness to the 1964 Olympic Torch Relay: How the Olympic Flame Brought Excitement and Hope to Asia Online Event
5 November 2021 CONNECT: Connecting Art and Science 01 JHL×UTokyo Online Event
9 November 2021 Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] Online Exhibition Tour Online Event
11 November 2021 Sharpening Japanese Knives: Masterclass with Sakai City’s Yamatsuka Mitsuo Online Event
13 November 2021 Tokolo Asao [CONNECT] – ORIZURU×NURI-E Origami and Colouring-in Workshop Workshop
1 December 2021 Hashirama Sōchi: Equipment in Between Screening
2 December 2021 Chatham House Series: Soft Power Diplomacy in a Post-Covid Era Online Event
9 December 2021 Oboro kombu – The Art of Shaved Seaweed with Sakai Craftsmen Gōda Mitsunobu and Hasegawa Yū Online Event
18 January 2022 Windows on Tea: Online Lecture by Urasenke Tea Master Kimura Sōkei Online Event
19 January 2022 Chatham House Series: Japan-UK Cooperation in International Economy and Trade Online Event
22 January 2022 Windows on Tea: Live Chadō Demonstrations by Tankokai UK Demonstration
23 January 2022 Film Screening: ‘Drive My Car’, Introduced by Dr. Becca Voelcker Screening
27 January 2022 Windowology: Talk by Igarashi Tarō Online Event
1 February 2022 Chasen Tea Whisks – Workshop Visit & Demonstration with Tanimura Tango Online Event
3 February 2022 Windows on Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Photography Talk with Jérémie Souteyrat Talk
17 February 2022 In Conversation with Ochiai Yōichi: Sustainable Media Art & the Legacy of Minakata Kumagusu Online Event
20 February 2022 Film Screening: ‘Drive My Car’ Screening
22 February 2022 Hashirama Sōchi: Richness of Space in Japanese Architecture – Talk by Nakatani Norihito Online Event
24 February 2022 Chatham House Series: Japan-UK Cooperation in Africa: Looking Ahead at TICAD8 Online Event
27 February 2022 The Art of Kintsugi: Live Demonstrations by Nishikawa Iku Demonstration
5 March 2022 Okiagari Kobōshi Colouring Experience from Fukushima Prefecture Workshop
5 March 2022 Sashiko Embroidery Experience from Iwate Prefecture Workshop
5 March 2022 Kokeshi Colouring Experience from Miyagi Prefecture Workshop
6 March 2022 Landscape and Lore along Eastern Tōhoku’s Michinoku Coastal Trail Talk
11 March 2022 Toasting the Recovery of Tōhoku’s Sake Industry Talk
12 March 2022 Regional Revitalization through Education in Tōhoku: Building Sustainable Communities Talk
13 March 2022 Social Enterprise in Tōhoku: Smart Strawberries Talk
16 March 2022 Ryūkyū Dance Performances from Okinawa by Kugani Performance
17 March 2022 The Fishermen who Plant Trees: In Conversation with Hatakeyama Makoto from Mori-wa-Umi-no-Koibito Online Event
18 March 2022 Visit to Urakasumi Sake Brewery and Shinshu Tasting Talk & Tasting
19 March 2022 Visit to Takahashi Sukesaku Shuzoten and Shinshu Tasting Talk & Tasting
20 March 2022 Visit to Tanaka Shuzojo and Shinshu Tasting Talk & Tasting
27 March 2022 An Introduction to Kintsugi: Workshops with Nishikawa Iku Workshop
29 March 2022 Behind the Scenes at Ritsurin Garden: Online Talk and Visit Online Event
30 March 2022 Chatham House Series: Prospects for Collaboration Between Universities in Japan and the UK Online Event
30 March 2022 Windows on Tea Insights on Chadō by Urasenke Tea Master Kimura Sōkei Online Event
3 April 2022 ‘Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy’ by Hamaguchi Ryūsuke Screening
10 April 2022 Windows on Mifune: Rashōmon Screening
12 April 2022 Aizome Indigo Dyeing - Workshop Visit & Conversation with Higeta Tadashi Online Event
12 April 2022 Japan House London Family Workshops Workshop
16 April 2022 Carving the Divine - Film Screening at Dalkeith Palace Screening
21 April 2022 Ikenobō Ikebana: Demonstration & Display Series Demonstration
6 May 2022 GRAND SUMO Highlights Screening
8 May 2022 Windows on Mifune: Seven Samurai Screening
17 May 2022 Curator Talk by Hasegawa Yuko Talk
20 May 2022 Living Architecture: Talk by Architect Sejima Kazuyo Talk
26 May 2022 Kyōsai: The Man of Many Myths – An Evening with the Royal Academy of Arts Talk